Camping at the Wolfe Ranch

Included with Ride Fee: 

- Primitive camping at Wolfe Ranch. Horse water is available and portatoilet.

- Breakfasts and dinners will be held at the dining tent in camp. 

- A hot lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs will be served on the trail.

Quiet Hours are 11PM-7AM. Please turn off all generators at this time. Coffee is offered before breakfasts in the dining tent.

Participants are responsible for corralling and tethering their own horses. No corrals are provided.

Fires are allowed with fully enclosed fire ring, provided by participants, when fire ban is not in effect. Fire must be properly extinguished when leaving campsite and overnight. When in doubt ask!

Roman Nose State Park:
RV Electric/Water Hookups are available within the state park, as well as corral options.

You will have to trailer over to the Ride Camp each day if you choose to stay at the state park.

Reserve Through Roman Nose State Park 1-580-623-7281 or 623-4215


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