Guided Trail Rides

Our guides wish to make your ride memorable, safe, and very fun. They help maintain the trail system, constantly review our rules and risks, and help promote this event across the area. We have become friends who share the common goal of preserving this unique ride.


It is our generation's responsibility to keep the historical western tradition alive. We take pride in accomplishing this with our trail ride. Our guides are full of local color and stories of Oklahoma and horsemanship. If you would be interested in volunteering and becoming a part of our staff, we welcome your enthusiasm and contributions of time. 

Contact Jeff Fritz-, Ride Coordinator, for more information. 


Friday Evening Twilight rides are staged at 5 & 6 PM. With a larger turn out, another group will be formed. Friday evening rides are 1-1 1/2 hours. Rib dinner is served about 7PM as riders come in. Our welcoming program and entertainment make this a very social time. If you have never been at this ride, we will make you comfortable and introduce all of our guides and rides offered at this time.


Saturday Rides stage from 9-10AM, leaving every 15 minutes with 6 groups ranging from Moderate, All day, and Gaited. Pick up specific times at Registration or announced at Friday Night Welcome Program 8:30 p.m. Each group is limited to 30 riders.


Sunday rides are also staged from 9-10AM. After lunch, shorter rides returning to camp are offered to participants. Alternatively, if you are wanting to leave early, you may want to join the group going to the park for a 2 hour ride.

Rides begin at Wolfe Base

Camp, progressing directly

into the upper canyon area

to eat at Hidden Lake or base

camp. We are proud of the

natural beauty of Hidden Lake

which offers water, trees, and

plenty of shade for you and

your trail partner! We will have

your fresh grilled burgers and

sausages ready. Portable toilets are available at our lunch sites. There will be an option to ride back to camp offered at this time. Others will continue on with their group. Cell phones work sporadically in the canyon system.

Non riders at base camps are shuttled up to lunch site in vehicles as necessary.



We offer a gaited group each day. The group will move at a moderately fast pace.  


Basic Rules For an Enjoyable Ride - Let's Have A Good AND Safe Time!

*Each horse must have current negative coggins documents

*No riding double

*No ponying extra horses on the trail.
*No open fires
*Horses should be able to cross water. 
*Well behaved dogs may be kept on leash in camp, no dogs on trail.
*No Alcoholic Beverages on trail.
*No smoking in the saddle. Smoke breaks will be scheduled by guides.
*Ride only with guided groups, unless on Wolfe Ranch Base Camp area
*No riding double
*Riders not cooperating with guides requests may be asked to leave.
*All horses that kick must be flagged by ribbon on tail.
*Do ask questions of your guide or staff to meet your needs
*Do let guide or staff know of any problems, we will help.
*Do bring a halter and lead rope so you may tie your horse at the lunch break.
*Do bring a hat, sunscreen, raincoat, and other items for your comfort.
*Generators must be turned off after 11:00PM 
*Do not leave trash anywhere!
*Liability waivers to be signed by all
*Participants under 18 require signature of parent/guardian
*Minimum age for riders 6, accompanied by parent.
*Your Trail Guide is in charge of the ride. He/she will lead the ride, determine breaks, and give assistance when requested. The drag rider will assist the trail boss by being the last rider at all times. Both have the authority to make decisions on the ride.
*Be sure you and your horse are in adequate physical condition for the trail ride.
*Check your equipment to be sure it is safe and in good repair BEFORE the ride.
*Keep your distance when riding. Rule of thumb is you should always be able to see the back feet of the horse in front of you.
*When approaching or leaving other riders, do so in a slow and controlled manner. NEVER trot/canter up behind or away from other riders.
*Walk down into gullies or inclines at a safe distance; NEVER lunge or gallop into or out of them. This could cause a serious accident by unnerving other horses.


Terrain and Footing

We often get asked about terrain and footing conditions of the ride. Simply put:

Are there rocks? Yes, in some areas.

Will there be steep inclines/declines? Yes.

Are there creek crossings? Yes.

But, to be more specific...

We pride our ride for its scenic variety and beauty. You will see valleys, prairies, canyons, wooded areas, mesas, creeks, ponds, etc. As such, there will be some inclines, declines, crossings, and an occasional rocky spot. 

Your horse will need to be in decent shape and have basic trail skills. If your horse has tender/thin soles you may need shoes or boots.


Many of our participants ride their horses barefoot at this ride. Because of this, some avoid going to the state park to see Inspiration Point. This area is the rockiest part of the ride. In doing so, you may miss one of the prettiest views in all of western Oklahoma! It is worth calling the farrier for a set of shoes. We always say everyone should see this site at least once, but if you decide to decline there are plenty of groups going elsewhere. The park trails are a completely different terrain from the ranch, which is mostly sandy footing.

Al and gaited group.jpg