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Ride Coordinator's Message


You are invited to participate in this legendary ride that keeps the historical tradition of Western Oklahoma alive and vibrant. If this is your first time, expect a very organized and social event bonding horse, rider and nature. Our great  volunteers provide beautiful trails, great food, entertainment, and work to continually to expand our trail system across the Gypsum Hills of Roman Nose Canyon.

In 1999, the late Byron Wolfe approached me to continue his efforts in promoting the equestrian usage of Roman Nose State Park. He had sponsored a series of charitable trail rides on his property adjacent to Roman Nose State Park in the past. He asked me to lead his efforts to create this charitable event. 

Please like our official Facebook page Roman Nose Hills Trail Ride and you will be notified of ride info.



Also, please join our riders' Facebook group which is Roman Nose Hills Trail Riders. Here riders can post and share. Your input is appreciated!


For over 12 years, Watonga Hospital Foundation sponsored this event. Current sponsor is Watonga Kiwanis Club International. Kiwanis welcomes you all and you will meet their volunteers each time you eat. Watonga's Mercy Hospital is a partial beneficiary and allows use of their kitchen to provide us with delicious hot meals.

Our average number of riders is 125-150, including our guides. First timers will feel welcomed and become a part of our extended family. We have a few that have come to every one our 33 rides. The common thread, through all of our rides, has been the way our guides and volunteers create a memorable experience for all that come.

Please consider our invitation to come enjoy Oklahoma's best historical pleasure ride... your horse will enjoy it too!

Feel free to contact me by We ask for RSVP for meal count purposes only. All fees are paid in camp at registration. Our registration fee is very reasonable for 3 days of food and riding, $75. $50 for children 12 and under. Non riders can buy a $30 meal ticket and enjoy the relaxation of camp. 


Ride at your own risk. We are not responsible for medical expenses incurred.

 Jeff Fritz

Ride Coordinator

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