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Trail Master's Message

Welcome to the Roman Nose Hills Trail Ride!

As a long-time trail guide at Roman Nose, let me tell you a little

about the ride... 

We are privileged to have access to several private ranches as

well as the Roman Nose Park trails. We have a variety of trails

that wind through forests, across pastures and canyons, and

along bluffs with spectacular views!   On a recent ride, we

received a great compliment...some retired men had been riding

every trail they could find, far and near, and keeping a journal of

their adventures.  They whole-heartedly agreed that we had the nicest trails they had ridden yet!  I looked around and realized, they were right!   It’s not just the great trails, but the good food and friendships that make this ride so nice.

Friday evening we will ride The Wolfe Ranch, to the east from the campground. The ranch offers some spectacular bluff views, open land and canyons.  

Saturday and Sunday offers a variety of rides, including gaited.  We split the rides up into groups no larger than thirty to keep things safer and more enjoyable. Your horse needs to be able to cross creeks, shoes are not needed on most trails, but the Park Trails are not for the tender-footed!  On Sunday, we switch destinations, so everyone has an opportunity to ride all the trails.

The Park Ride enters the park trails where they adjoin the base camp.  The trail follows the bluff rims and winds through trees, leading its way to Inspiration Point, with lunch back at the main camp. These trails are slightly rocky and the tender-footed horse may need shoes or boots.   Many of us ride them barefoot and do all right. There are a couple of creek crossings.

The Gaited Ride covers the trails at a faster pace, pretty much hitting all the trails.  Not recommended  for a trotting horse!

The Ranch Trails across from the Wolfe Ranch are quite beautiful.  These trails wind through the trees, across and along creek bottoms, onto the upper canyons, and pastures.  There are several great views and photo opps. The ranch rides stop for lunch at the Half Way Café on beautiful Hidden Lake. These trails are only available to this ride and are greatly appreciated.


This ride wouldn't be possible without all the volunteers.  I would like to thank all of them for their assistance and time.  We spend several weekends prior to the ride working trails, keeping them trimmed up and safe.  This also gives the newer trail leaders and drag riders a chance to learn the trails.  If you would like to join this group, we would love to have you.  We need competent people with steady horses.  We like to have enough trail leaders so that we can keep the group numbers down, for a safe and enjoyable riding experience for everyone. We also need volunteers in other capacities, so you don't have to be a horse person to help.

Remember to treat all participants with respect. You never know just how experienced or inexperienced the horses and riders around you are, so please ride with consideration. 

Remember your trail etiquette, stay safe, and have a great time!

Linda Record

Lead Trail Guide

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